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Prayer Strategies for Victory in Spiritual Warfare

We’ll help your team to stay strong and healthy spiritually with prayer resources that are working effectively in pregnancy help centers today.

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“You Must Have God’s Power”

“The very nature of the work of your Center means the enemy is throwing everything he can at you. You must have God’s power to accomplish the task. Staff and volunteers who work in the strength of the Lord become less weary in well-doing.

“The Gift of Prayer contains the truth of how powerful prayer is and will help your team live in this truth.

“This is why we asked PrayerPower to partner with us to help our Save the Mother, Save her Child pregnancy resource centers develop a strong culture of prayer. We see it happening with the centers who are engaged, and we don’t want your center to miss this significant program that is making such a difference.”

  1. Mary Margaret Gibson, Ministry Director
  2. EvanTell, Inc.
  3. Save the Mother, Save her Child