About PrayerPower Ministries

Jim & Kaye
Jim & Kaye Johns 1

In 1994 Jim and Kaye Johns left lifetime careers to devote full time to establish and develop PrayerPower Ministries.

Since then they have presented conferences and retreats in more than 250 churches in the U.S. and abroad. They have published a wide selection of prayer guides, journals, and other prayer materials, including two video studies that have been used by more than 3500 churches: Praying to Make a Difference and How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World.

Since 2007 the Johnses have served as Directors of Prayer for e3 Partners ministry, helping develop a ministry-wide culture of prayer . As other ministries have sought help in developing their own culture of prayer, they have developed The Gift of Prayer program.

This website offers an explanation of The Gift of Prayer and invites ministries to enroll and become members. The program utilizes PrayerPower’s resources and video studies, as well as specialized in-service training videos, and ongoing support services.

For 21 years PrayerPower has been developing prayer resources successfully used by individuals, churches, and ministries. And now with The Gift of Prayer program, it is easier than ever before for ministries—and churches—to provide a strong foundation from which to develop their own culture of prayer .

EvanTell, Save the Mother, Save her Child—

Mary Margaret Gibson
Mary Margaret Gibson
Ministry Director, EvanTell

Imagine over 1.8 million opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with women and their boyfriends or families visiting a faith-based pregnancy center in the United States. Imagine each of them hearing a graceful presentation of the gospel declaring the assurance of forgiveness and eternal life, and the power to live each day! Imagine each woman trusting Christ is empowered to make wise decisions about her child through the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Save the Mother, Save her Child is a Community Ministry of EvanTell (www.evantell.org), created to help this vision become a reality through God’s work among people who need mercy and grace.

We have trained and equipped the staff and volunteers of over 750 pregnancy centers in the U.S. and overseas to share the simple, clear gospel message with women and boyfriends or families who visit their center. We partner with other ministry leaders, like Prayer Power Ministries, to provide inspiration, training, and expertise to our group of trained centers in areas where EvanTell is not the expert!

Prayer Power Ministries, is by far the best fit for helping pregnancy centers put the powerful foundation of prayer in their ministry that will sustain, protect, and empower them to do the work God has designed for them to do. We are so grateful to the Lord for His gift of Prayer Power Ministries for Save the Mother, Save her Child trained pregnancy centers!