Gift of Prayer: Help and Frequently Ask Questions

We’re here to answer your questions. You may contact us with questions, suggestions, or concerns:
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Can we order sample materials without enrolling in the program?

When you enroll, we will send you a Sample Kit which has a sample of everything to be used in the Gift of Prayer program, including the video studies. Your enrollment will entitle you to view the videos that explain the products, the in-service videos, and materials available to download. If you decide the Gift of Prayer is not right for your ministry, you may return the Sample Kit and we will refund the complete enrollment fee.

Can we order the video studies or other resources without enrolling in the program?

Some of these resources may be ordered on our website Exclusive to this Gift of Prayer website: Level 3 Spiritual Warfare videos, Program Resource Videos, In-Service Training Videos, some downloads, all support services and special discounts available to Gift of Prayer members.

Must we order the Gift of Prayer resources in the Staff Prayer Packets?

You may order the individual resources at any time, and there are product discounts offered for quantity purchases. However, your best investment is to purchase Staff Prayer Packets which provide everything an individual needs to go through the program. Having everything you need on hand, helps keep the program moving forward. The packets are roughly half the cost of purchasing the individual materials separately.

Do we have to participate in the program in the designated Level 1, 2, and 3 in that order?

Once enrolled, you are free to implement any level of the program. However, there is a reason we have selected the levels in the order we present them. We strongly recommend beginning with Level 1 and 2 because they will help staff establish or renew a strong foundation for personal spiritual growth and preparation for ministry, and a close personal relationship with God.

Can we just do one level?

Our strong recommendation is that you go through all three levels in order. Each level has its own prayer resources and application, and they are all important. We have only one enrollment fee, and once enrolled, you are free to go through the Levels and the resources as you wish.

Do we have to do the video studies in a small group format?

The idea is to use a small group format, allowing time to view the videos (20 minutes per unit) and follow with discussion, to be completed in one hour total. The facilitator guide has all the questions available.

If that is not possible, some ministries have shown the videos to everyone in the ministry at the same time, with or without time to discuss what they have seen.

In either case, it is important that individuals complete daily lessons in the workbooks (5 each week, 10-15 minutes or less). That, plus viewing the videos, has great value, but they will gain even more from group discussions.

Do we have to have a designated Prayer Coordinator?

The short answer is yes. It is the prayer coordinator who will be responsible to shepherd the ministry staff through the Gift of Prayer program, scheduling and leading video studies, leading prayer times, enlisting and supporting a prayer team for the ministry, ordering prayer guides and other resources.

Without someone in the ministry responsible for developing a Culture of Prayer it won’t happen. Someone with a heart for prayer and leadership skills needs to be responsible. Your Prayer Coordinator might enlist others on staff to be part of a Prayer Team. Each could be responsible for a different area of prayer: working with the Prayer Partners who pray for your ministry, leading the video studies, ordering prayer resources, leading staff prayer times. But someone must be responsible for oversight.

Is there someone who can help set up the program in an effective way for our ministry?

Yes, we are eager to coach you personally through the process of setting up the Gift of Prayer program in the way it fits best for your ministry. Send us your contact information and a brief description of what you need on our “Contact Us” page.

What does “Culture of Prayer” mean?

Having an obvious, pervasive Culture of Prayer means that there is an expectation that staff and volunteers are maintaining a dynamic, close personal relationship with God. It means having regular corporate prayer times with someone, ideally a ministry Prayer Coordinator, leading those times to ensure that they begin with worship and surrender. Prayer permeates everything the ministry does.

Within the Culture of Prayer an intercessory prayer team for the ministry is supported and encouraged. Staff and volunteers enlist personal intercessors to pray for them and their families. Plans and decisions are prayed through, as leaders learn to discern God’s guidance.

As the Culture of Prayer develops, the peace and presence of God becomes more and more evident.